Bankruptcy, Restructuring & Insolvency

When the future of a client’s business is in doubt, causing it to be in distress, our Bankruptcy, Restructuring & Insolvency team is mobilised. With a history of assisting in multi-jurisdictional and multi-creditor transactions, clients are guided through Turkish insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings and legislation, the attaining of out-of-court arrangements, the possible challenges and opportunities that arise, and the complex negotiations that might take place. 

The team of corporate and disputes (litigation and arbitration) lawyers work together to find a quick, successful path through the difficulties and help evaluate any restructuring options.

The Restructuring practice offers clients a full range of services, with a sector-specific focus, to successfully restructure their Turkish interests.

Turkish Bankruptcy, Restructuring & Insolvency Legal Services

Services provided include:

Representation of creditors prior and following a debtor’s insolvency
Representation of debtors in insolvency proceedings
Rescission proceedings

How we work

Legal strategizing and risk mitigation are our strengths:

– We create bespoke client teams combining the right mix of legal and business experience to understand your unique concerns; and

– We promote open, fast communication and collaborative decision making so our clients can move forward with the utmost confidence and legal protection.

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