Lexist advises Artemis Halı on its IPO.

Lexist advised Artemis Halı on its IPO. The Capital Markets team included partners Dr. Murat Erbilen and Mesut KAYA, newly promoted senior associate Sevde Nur Paksoy and associate Miray Sonsuz. For More Information

CMB increases IPO Thresholds for 2024

With the decision of the Capital Markets Board (“CMB”) dated 28.12.2023 and numbered 81/1811 (the “Decision”), the CMB has determined new IPO thresholds for 2024, that are subject to evaluation under the capital markets legislation, specifically the Capital Markets Law (CMB Bulletin dated 29.12.2023 and numbered 2023/82).   The new amounts determined in the Decision […]

Legal Status of Artificial Intelligence Beyond Individual and Legal Entities

I. Legal Nature of Artificial Intelligence The legal status and definition of artificial intelligence (AI), which is gradually entering ourlives and is expected to expand its usage, are currently subject to debate. As a result, theresponsibility regime for AI has not been clearly defined yet. The European Parliament isactively working on an AI law to […]

Decision Violation of the Principle of Equality of Arms Constitutional Court – 2020/34667

The Constitutional Court’s decision, numbered 2020/34667 and published in the Official Gazette on 3rd October 2023, ruled that the “unequal treatment in favour of the law enforcement report when evaluating evidence, even if the authenticity of the prepared report can be disputed, and the failure of the Court to consider the claims and objections raised by […]

A Note on Minimum Wage Support

Minimum Wage Support for the second period of 2023 – Circular dated 01/09/2023 and numbered 2023/25 – published by the General Directorate of Insurance Premiums. A new regulation has been introduced on Minimum Wage Support for the second half of 2023. Provisional 96th Article has been added to Law No. 5510 following the adoption of […]

Responsibility of the Lessor to the Tenant in the Case of Eviction and Demolition of Risky Buildings within Law No. 6306 on Transformation of Areas Under Disaster Risk

Eviction and Demolition of a Risky Building If the building is determined as a risky building by the earthquake resistance test carried out within the scope of Law No. 6306 on Transformation of Areas Under Disaster Risk (“Law”); the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change will decide to evict and demolish the building. The […]

Earthquake Resistance Test and Sanctions to be Applied to Risky Buildings

General Within the scope of the earthquake resistance test, the core and parts of the building are taken and examined to determine the general condition of the building related to the carrier system or foundations and ground analysis. By measuring the diameter and quantity of the iron in the building column, a 3D model of […]

Constitutional Court Decision affecting Press Workers

The decision of the Constitutional Court dated 4 May 2023 (basis number 2021/62 decision number 2023/89) on “the provisions of the law that have consequences for press workers in terms of the seniority indemnity calculation compared to workers subject to Labour Law No. 4857 are contrary to the property right and the equal protection of […]

The Lien of Lessor Under the Provisions of Turkish Code of Obligations

Subject of Lessor’s Right of Lien The Turkish Code of Obligations (TCO) recognizes a statutory lien right, known as the lessor’s right of lien, over the movable property brought onto a leased immovable property by the lessee in lease agreements pertaining to immovable properties. The lessor’s right of lien, which is regulated by Articles 336-338 of the […]

Competent court for non-compete clause violation and penalties decision

Court of First Instance Decision: As a result of the proceedings held by the Istanbul 24th Labour Court, it was decided that: the plaintiff was not indebted to the defendant in terms of the promissory note subject to the proceeding; the promissory note subject to the proceeding was in the nature of a security note; […]

Personal Data Protection Authority Decision

With the decision of the Personal Data Protection Authority dated 02.05.2023 and numbered 2023/711, it was decided that the processing of licence information for confirmation purposes is mandatory for the data controller to fulfil its legal obligation in order to ensure that the fee to be refunded is returned directly to the person. —————————————————— Personal […]