Data Protection & Privacy

Türkiye is keeping abreast of the rapidly evolving digital environment through continual changes to its domestic data protection regulations. Business owners and data controllers need to stay ahead, informed, and compliant. 

We understand how valuable data is to you and can help implement the most strategic processes and programmes to avoid breaches of domestic legislation. If you are an international player, we will seek to align Turkish data strategies with any cross-border and international goals you may have.

Turkish Data Protection & Privacy Legal Services

Lexist commonly advises on the following data protection and privacy issues:

Sector-specific data protection rights and obligations
Collection, processing, storage, and transfer of individuals’ data
Notification of data collection, individuals’ choice, right to be forgotten, and access to data
Data transfer within Turkey and internationally
Best practice for handling personal and sensitive data
Contractual obligations, protection, and assurances
Data-driven decision-making
Mandatory disclosures required by regulatory authorities
Legislation governing the requesting,
Granting, usage, and protection of trade, banking, and customer confidential data
Security breaches and the contractual implications for vendor, client, and employee relationships
Anti-money laundering and protection of personal data
Regulatory barriers concerning marketing, particularly telemarketing and via the internet
Development of privacy strategies and policies
Employee data protection policies and procedures
Information and cybersecurity
Internal investigations
GDPR in Turkey
Litigation and external investigations

How we work

Legal strategizing and risk mitigation are our strengths:

– We create bespoke client teams combining the right mix of legal and business experience to understand your unique concerns; and

– We promote open, fast communication and collaborative decision making so our clients can move forward with the utmost confidence and legal protection.

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