Türkiye is a litigious economy, and it is standard practice for employees to file court and mediation cases against employers to settle relationship and compensation issues. At Lexist, our Employment lawyers are also litigation professionals who guide you through the risks and trends of the regulations and sector(s) in which you operate. Our lawyers will draft your labour contracts and advise you on the labour law processes in an effort to avoid future issues. If you do face problems, however, we can also advise you in an immediate and appropriate way as and when necessary.

Turkish Employment & Labour Law Legal Services

Lexist’s Turkish Employment, Labour Law, and Social Security lawyers assist clients in managing all recruitment and dismissal processes diligently and create a robust set of employment agreements and HR policies in line with Turkish law and court precedents.

The full range of services available includes the following:

Employment agreements and contracts – creation, updates, redrafts
HR policies and handbooks
Subcontractor and temporary employment relationships
Collective bargaining agreements
Health & Safety
Termination procedures
Bonus, benefits, share and incentive plans
Social Security

We provide support with compliance and pursuing licenses, permissions, permits, and applications from the relevant Turkish authorities – for example, Turkey’s Social Security Institution (SSI), the Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu (SGK) – on behalf of our clients.

How we work

Legal strategizing and risk mitigation are our strengths:

– We create bespoke client teams combining the right mix of legal and business experience to understand your unique concerns; and

– We promote open, fast communication and collaborative decision making so our clients can move forward with the utmost confidence and legal protection.

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