The Power of Commitment

Lexist is Committed to ESG

Lexist is turning its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments into action. The Firm is defining how it channels these actions into its own ESG framework to help monitor, measure, and manage its impact on climate change.

ESG in Lexist for clients

In addition to our strong commitment to ESG as a responsible business, as detailed below, Lexist is working daily to keep apace of the rapidly evolving Turkish/regional/international ESG-related legislation and reporting standards. Lexist lawyers appreciate that every client is affected by sustainability developments and they strive to add value wherever they can through their advice. We are proud to say that in Lexist, we have integrated ESG into every practice area and sector group – as well as our Firm.

We Offer:

specialised Turkish law ESG services
guidance through the current and possible future requirements from the Turkish regulators
collaborative sector-specific advice on scaling up Turkish investments with impact and purpose through ethical legal and business models
help to mitigate the risks whilst enjoying the opportunities that the race to net zero brings

Focus areas to date from clients include: e-transportation, digitalisation, green finance, energy efficiency, supply chain management, future director liabilities, protecting intellectual property and technology, climate risk insurance, ethical investments and disputes.

Please contact us for further information and help us understand your climate-related pressures and goals in Türkiye.

No greenwashing! We have an ESG specialist inhouse.

Lexist integrates its ESG responsibilities and commitment into every aspect of the business. Law firms have a particular role to play in this area and should be compliant before advising their clients on ESG matters, projects, compliance, and regulations.


The E in ESG for law firms:

The Lexist focus here is the environmental impact of its offices (the employees and policies) – in particular, paper, energy, plastic, and travel

Lexist has signed the pledge for The Campaign for Greener Arbitrations, while the Firm’s ESG specialist sits on the Campaign’s international committee. This signifies increasing emphasis by the team on learning how they can have a positive impact on the environment, or at least reduce their current impact, and become Green Ambassadors for the profession and their office. Lexist follows 11 green protocols:

  1. Use green energy (IT is only permitted to purchase energy-efficient hardware; Lexist is working with the business premises/Plaza team on how to integrate green energy.)
  2. Reduce consumption and reduce environmental footprint (The Lexist headquarters is in River Plaza which holds the Leadership in Energy & Environment Design Certificate of the US Green Business Council.)
  3. Go digital (The Disputes team makes full use of new practice management software.)
  4. Minimise printing and use of paper (The Arbitration team introduced mandatory double-sided printing to the office.)
  5. Encourage recycling (The Arbitration team has their own recycling initiative.)
  6. Limit use of single-use items and plastics (The team is reversing the use of disposable items, such as water cups, that became popular in the COVID-19 “new normal” for offices.)
  7. Partner with green organisations (We are looking into membership of and participation in the Turkey chapters supporting the UN Global Compact.)
  8. Travel responsibly (Travel is strictly limited, the use of public transport is encouraged, and the partnership leads the way here by using the metro whenever possible; the  team discourages parties from travelling if the meeting can be done virtually.)
  9. Incentivise employees (The Firm is considering an internal ESG competition.)
  10. Encourage social responsibility (Lexist has a scholarship programme for 50 students.)
  11. Offset carbon emissions (Lexist is considering how to do this, preferring to reduce emissions rather than offset them; the Firm is currently reducing its emissions impact through its choice of suppliers.)


The S in ESG for law firms:

Our focus here is employees and, specifically for 2020-23, Diversity, Equality & Inclusion in the workplace

The Turkish Bar Association reports a nearly equal number of female to male lawyers in Turkey at present, if the total number of lawyers across all age groups is considered. At Lexist we are conscious to recruit talented lawyers with an effort to balance the genders. Lexist has a reputation for freedom of religious expression that is not generally found in law firms operating at an international level. There is an equal pay and merit-based reward system. Leadership fosters an inclusive and open environment, where diverse opinions are welcomed. Lexist is currently recruiting an HR professional with a specialty in DE&I to reinforce its commitment to this key area.


The G in ESG for law firms:

Here we consider compliance with Turkish law and corporate governance

The partners of Lexist fully embrace the corporate governance responsibilities. They strive to create and respect policies to maintain a strong relationship with management, employees, clients, the Government, contractors, and the public.

We consider structure and oversight, ensuring management is accountable to the owners.

  • We manage exposure to risks and opportunities
  • We have a corporate code of conduct and values
  • There is transparency and reporting at all levels
  • Decision-making is inclusive
  • Diversity throughout the firm is a priority
  • Technology and cyber risk are critical strategic factors
  • We build relationships with ESG-focused profit and non-profit organisations.


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