A Note on Minimum Wage Support

Minimum Wage Support for the second period of 2023 – Circular dated 01/09/2023 and numbered 2023/25 – published by the General Directorate of Insurance Premiums. A new regulation has been introduced on Minimum Wage Support for the second half of 2023. Provisional 96th Article has been added to Law No. 5510 following the adoption of […]

Constitutional Court Decision affecting Press Workers

The decision of the Constitutional Court dated 4 May 2023 (basis number 2021/62 decision number 2023/89) on “the provisions of the law that have consequences for press workers in terms of the seniority indemnity calculation compared to workers subject to Labour Law No. 4857 are contrary to the property right and the equal protection of […]

Competent court for non-compete clause violation and penalties decision

Court of First Instance Decision: As a result of the proceedings held by the Istanbul 24th Labour Court, it was decided that: the plaintiff was not indebted to the defendant in terms of the promissory note subject to the proceeding; the promissory note subject to the proceeding was in the nature of a security note; […]