Responsibility of the Lessor to the Tenant in the Case of Eviction and Demolition of Risky Buildings within Law No. 6306 on Transformation of Areas Under Disaster Risk

Eviction and Demolition of a Risky Building If the building is determined as a risky building by the earthquake resistance test carried out within the scope of Law No. 6306 on Transformation of Areas Under Disaster Risk (“Law”); the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change will decide to evict and demolish the building. The […]

Earthquake Resistance Test and Sanctions to be Applied to Risky Buildings

General Within the scope of the earthquake resistance test, the core and parts of the building are taken and examined to determine the general condition of the building related to the carrier system or foundations and ground analysis. By measuring the diameter and quantity of the iron in the building column, a 3D model of […]

The Lien of Lessor Under the Provisions of Turkish Code of Obligations

Subject of Lessor’s Right of Lien The Turkish Code of Obligations (TCO) recognizes a statutory lien right, known as the lessor’s right of lien, over the movable property brought onto a leased immovable property by the lessee in lease agreements pertaining to immovable properties. The lessor’s right of lien, which is regulated by Articles 336-338 of the […]